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Youtube Playlist Video Player

Intelligent Resizing

The video player is fully responsive and will automatically toggle the playlist on the side. When scaling it down even further, the controls will be removed one-by-one so the user always has the essential controls at his fingertips, no matter his screen size. Try it out in the demo above by scaling your browser window!

Mobile Browser Support

Who doesn't own one a mobile device these days? That's right, it's 2014 and that means we should pay extra attention to mobile users. The player runs smoothly on iOS, Android and Windows Phone browsers, and we've taken the necessary steps to ensure touch-screen users experience smooth scrolling when scrolling through the playlist.

Customize Styling

The player uses a completely custom designed interface intead of YouTube's default player. Customize all of the colors in the intuitive admin panel to match your branding. You can also enter the transparency of every color which makes it possible to see through some of the elements.

Try-out the demo

Playlist Sources

You can use a variety of sources for the player. You can use a custom YouTube playlist as source, a YouTube channel's latest uploads which will automatically update, or just a list of video id's. Additionally you can insert as many video players as you want on the same page. Furthermore we've integrated a pagination system, so your playlists can be as large as you want.

Newest YouTube API

We're using the latest data api from YouTube (V3) to power our player. This means the player is future proof which is something we all want. Needless to say we provide free updates for any changes YouTube makes.

Intuitive Admin Panel

To give you a better experience, we've integrated an intuitive admin panel where you have all the settings in one page. These settings range from playback settings, to appearance and language, and there's also the ability to enter custom CSS.