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Modern Responsive HTML5 Video Player

Responsive Design

Modern Responsive Design

Our aim was to design an video player with a modern look and an easy to understand layout. This makes it usable by just about anyone and that the design will work well into the future. The design is also fully retina supported, so all the icons look extra sharp, yummy!

One of the other key features is a responsive design. This means the video player is perfect to be used in responsive websites as it automatically adapts to any width.

Mobile Device Support

Who doesn't own one or more mobile devices these days? That's right, it's 2014 and that means we should pay extra attention to mobile users. The player has been tested on both android and ios browsers. iPhone, iPad and iPod users will see Apple's native video player due to their limitations, but will still be able to see the video's title and poster image. Android users however will have no restrictions, and will have the full experience, just as desktop users.

Options & API

There are many options to customize the player and make it your own. We have also created added a couple of callback functions. This means you can detect when, for example, the video is being paused or has ended. This is very useful when integrating the player into your own web app.

View API & Callback Demo

Here is a complete list of the options and callbacks:


Next we have added a couple of methods you can call to control the player. You can, for example, pause the video on demand using one of the methods, or simple adjust the volume with a single line of Javascript.


Social Sharing

Of course you aim to reach as many users as possible with your video, that's why we integrated a couple of buttons to enable users to quickly share the video on their social networks. When the video ends, the user is shown a facebook, twitter and google+ link to share the video. They can also decide to press the social button in the controls bar to pop-up these links at any time.

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